a deceptively spacious family home with a simple, contemporary feel

The house was designed for the family of one of the directors of the practice.

Cedar House - Image

    2012 - 2015

  • TYPE:

    Private House




    Mr & Mrs Wishart


    Sandwick, Shetland

  • SIZE:

    196 m²

  • Contractor:

    E&H Building Contractors Ltd

  • Photographers:

    Richard Gibson Architects, Keiba Film (filmography), Dave Donaldson


    2016: I.A.A Awards - New Buildings - Commendation

The intention was to have a spacious and joyful interior to live within during the prolonged winter months, the large screen windows to view the dynamic, ever changing scenery.

 The heart of the house is the kitchen, designed to have a social connection to the whole house and stunning panoramic views.  

Cedar House - Image
Cedar House - Image

Conceptually, the design has two distinctive elements that are slipped in plan.  This reduces the visual mass of the house and gives a more traditional appearance of a gathering of smaller buildings.  The design also creates external neuks which offer shelter from various wind directions.

Cedar House - Image

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