conversion of a former woollen mill to relocate a popular museum

Having become too small for it's premises, the museum chose to move into a redundant woollen mill next to the Scalloway Castle. Besides strengthening historical references to the castle, the building would readily convert and allow the museum to expand.

Scalloway Museum - Image

    2007 - 2011

  • TYPE:

    Alteration & Conversion




    Shetland Bus Friendship Society Ltd


    Scalloway, Shetland

  • SIZE:

    380 m²


    £ 450,000

  • Contractor:

    DITT Construction Ltd

  • Photographers:

    Richard Gibson Architects, B Moore, A Hamilton, Keiba Film (filmography), The Shetland Flyer

Scalloway Museum - Image
Scalloway Museum - Image

Access into the building has been re-articulated to address the castle and exploit the seaward views.  What was previously a factory floor, is now an expansive and lofty exhibit and display area.

Scalloway Museum - Image

Robust and naturally weathering materials such as Siberian larch and aluminium roofing were used with small blocks of vibrant colour.  The resulting monochromatic palette compliments the raw stone walls of the castle to which it relates.

Scalloway Museum - Image

Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg traveled across to perform the opening ceremony, marking the significance given to the museum’s Shetland Bus exhibit and connections to Norway.

Scalloway Museum - Image

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