re-configuring a community hall for modern day use

Built over 70 years ago, the community hall had been altered in the past with various piecemeal extensions.

Sandness Hall - Image

    2010 - 2011

  • TYPE:

    Community Hall




    Sandness Hall Committee


    Sandness, Shetland

  • SIZE:

    180 m²


    £ 125,000

  • Contractor:

    Moncrieff Contractors

  • Photographers:

    Richard Gibson Architects, Phatsheep Photography

The hall committee wanted to improve the facilities for current day use.  This included re-articulation of the entrance, rationalising the layout and upgrading the quality of the main hall, lounge and ancillary facilities.  

Sandness Hall - Image

The layers of past modifications and alterations, although well intended, resulted in inefficient use of space.  

Our starting point was to achieve as much of the committee's wish list by logically reconfiguring the existing spaces. This was then balanced to their budget to give them an affordable and greatly improved building.  

The hall now serves its purpose and function much more efficiently.

Sandness Hall - Image

“Sandness Hall Committee were delighted to award Richard Gibson Architects a contract to design a Hall refurbishment the committee and community were desperate to achieve to prolong the life of a building that was quickly becoming decrepit and dilapidated. They managed to design a fantastically functional and user friendly space using the original footprint of the Hall, this was something the committee did not think was either feasible or possible. RGA worked closely with the committee, main contractor and sub contractors to overcome issues that an ageing building uncovers, they controlled all the costing involved to deliver an on time and on budget project. This proved to be further rewarding considering the extra work that became increasingly obvious due to the condition of the building. This is a fantastic example of a local company both benefiting their community and delivering a first class service.”

/ Donald Macleod, Chairman, Sandness Public Hall Committee

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