cottage charm

revamping a traditional cottage in a respectful but contemporary manner

Burnside Cottage - Image

    2020 - 2022

  • TYPE:

    Private House Extension




    Private Client


    Levenwick, Shetland

  • SIZE:

    108 m²

  • Contractor:

    John Tait Builder

  • Photographers:

    née gibson architects, Touch3D, Steve Birrell

The new owners asked us to enlarge and modernise their traditional Shetland cottage but retain the charm of how the cottage sits in the hillside.

We designed a simple linear extension to the rear, partially concealed by the rising garden level.  The black exterior diminishes its presence as a contrasting backdrop to the white splendour of the cottage.

Burnside Cottage - Image

The desired naturally lit spacious plan allows framed sea views by peeping past the cottage.  The safe & secure feeling of the cottage lives on within the  livingroom, where the fire makes a cosy place to be during the winter storms.

Burnside Cottage - Image
Burnside Cottage - Image

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